Jesus Heredia dot info revamped

Jesús Heredia dot info is the site that you are browsing right now. It was created in 2012 with Drupal and a theme called Mix and Match. In 2013, I decided to create my first subtheme with Omega. Even though it was a really bad subtheme, it was my default theme for around two years and a half (it is embarrassing now, but at that time I believed that it was not that bad xD).

About mid-2015, with some solid knowledge on web design, I created another subtheme (the purple one), again by using Omega.

At present (summer of 2018), I have made not only a brand new theme, but also a lot of changes in the backend side.

This site had become a little old, so I have had to work really hard to make it look and feel very good (like those cars at Gas Monkey Garage). Now, it applies the latest web technologies and provides a secure connection to make private all the information between your computer and the server.